The sex toy industry is on the rise, yet it remains largely unregulated. intends to provide material verification services and maintain a public database of the results, adding transparency and oversight to the industry while educating the public about the science behind pleasure products. We stand on our own, uninfluenced, and we are dedicated to protecting the health and wellbeing of the dildo-loving population at large through education (and maybe a little entertainment).

We will:

  • accept monetary donations.
  • accept product donations from third-party retail stores and wholesalers.
  • purchase products from third-party retail stores.
  • choose products to test based on community feedback.
  • send products to accredited labs for testing.
  • compare the material composition of products to the manufacturers’ claims.
  • share the results of lab tests with manufacturers.
  • record the results of the lab tests in our wiki.
  • make our wiki available to the public.
  • provide other educational resources to the public.

We will not:

  • accept product donations directly from manufacturers.
  • test second-hand products – only those acquired directly from retail stores and wholesalers.
  • test any product manufactured more than one year ago.
  • publish opinions about products or manufacturers – only facts.
  • falsify data, for any reason.
  • suppress or fail to publish the results of any test.

We intend to test a wide range of sex toy brands and materials, and we currently have a list of products that we plan to test first. After that, which products we test will be determined by requests from the community, via our forum, via email, or anonymously via the web. Additionally, our "Donate to Deformulate" program will give anyone with deep enough pockets the ability to queue a product – send us enough money to purchase and test a certain product, and we’ll happily add that product to our database. Check out the Donate to Deformulate link to learn more.

We live in a world rich with discoverable data. There’s no reason to guess when you can know. To that end, will apply itself, and maybe – just maybe – we can change the world for the better. Thanks for your interest. Be sure to spread the word. And, remember:  In Dildo Veritas