So, we mentioned this idea briefly when we launched, as part of our Mission – the “Donate to Deformulate” program is our method of ensuring that manufacturers and retailers with their own product lines can get their products added to our database without compromising the integrity of the process, or of our data.

Let’s say, for example, there’s a retailer/manufacturer called “For Fuck’s Sake”. And FFS carries their own line of FFS Pleasure Products, in addition to products from other manufacturers. Our rules say we can’t take a product donation directly from a manufacturer, and for good reason – they could easily send us a “known good” copy, but be selling second-rate versions to the consumers. But then, how would FFS go about getting their products in the database?

That’s where Donate to Deformulate comes in! FFS would make a donation in the amount of the retail price of the product, taxes, and shipping fees, plus the full cost of FTIR and GCMS testing, and they’d include the SKU or other product ID in the donation notes. Dildology then uses those funds to purchase the product through retail channels (to minimize any “bait and switch” opportunities), sends it to the lab, and adds it to the database. FFS gets their product publicly added to the database, and our integrity and ethics remain intact.

We’re aware that manufacturers have their own materials verification procedures, and that’s how it should be. Some of these verifications take place in-house, though, and can’t necessarily be taken as fact without independent confirmation. So while we welcome companies’ self-generated data, formulation information, et cetera? Ultimately we’re scientists, and we’re going to have to find out for ourselves.

So. Are you a retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer who wants to get a product listed in the database? If you’re confident that your product will verify, send us an email at and we’ll work out the details. You get exposure, and upon verification, the privilege of using the Dildology Seal of Verification on the item, we get to fill up the database, and the community gets access to meaningful data. It’s a win-win-win.

This program could theoretically be used by anyone for any product. So if For Fuck’s Sake has a competitor, GodDamn GodDamn, selling what FFS believes to be a cheap, toxic knockoff? FFS could use Donate to Deformulate to queue that GDGD product up for testing, too, and then we’d all know for sure. By default we like to make all the information available to the public, but Donate to Deformulate can be done completely anonymously, if necessary, by mail and money order, to minimize any potential political or legal complications.