Do you profit from this?

Not at all. In fact at this point we’re running the business out of our own pockets.

I’m a manufacturer, why I can’t send you stuff to test?

Honestly? Because it would be too easy for you to load our database with fake results. To know what’s being sold in stores, we need to test what’s being sold in stores. So we’ll be randomly selecting retail establishments to acquire products from. If you want to get a product in our database quickly, use our Donate to Deformulate program and send us the cost of the product, the shipping, and the testing, and we’ll take care of it for you in a verifiably unbiased way.

I’m a manufacturer and we already pay for third-party testing, can I just send you our test results?

You can send us your results, but they’ll get filed under “Manufacturer Claims” – lab results are just chemical names on a piece of paper, and there’s nothing to prove you acquired the sample randomly from retail stock.

How much do the tests cost?

Low-level testing is around $200. Next-level testing can run another $400. We’re in the process of shopping for a lab that can work out a better deal for us.

Will you be focusing on any certain manufacturers or materials?

All manufacturers will get equal treatment. At first our focus will be the realm of polymer-based pleasure products like plasticized PVC and silicone rubber. Later we’ll branch out into metal, glass, wood, stone…

Will you test this dildo I own that burned my bits?

We won’t send a used toy to the lab because we can’t properly account for its existence, but we’ll try to provide you with the educational resources to reach a conclusion on your own using household items with our Dildology 101 blog series.