FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 2, 2013 Debuts, Provides Independent Validation Of Sex Toy Materials

Richmond, VIRGINIA –, an independent non-profit organization created to provide reliable information on sex toy materials, debuts today via The organization will facilitate lab testing of sex toys to provide validation, to both consumers and the industry at large, that the item is made of the manufacturer-stated materials and publish the results in their wiki.

“In an industry that is largely unregulated, consumers have been relying on the manufacturers to disclose the materials used in any given sex toy,” says blogger Dangerous Lilly, the organization’s marketing director. “But the fact is no governing body requires full disclosure, or even any ounce of truth. We think it’s about time consumers have reliable information on the toys they’re using so intimately with their bodies.”

Budding dildologists have been relying on the popular guerrilla home test for silicone purity known as the “flame test”. launched by publishing the results of their product verification lab test on the JimmyJane product “Hello Touch” which was previously reported as having failed the flame test. The results of the lab test suggest that there is no truly accurate at-home testing method and ongoing lab tests are necessary to keep the checks and balances of the sex toy industry intact.

The organization will work with accredited labs to test the materials. They will choose products for testing by community demand and will rely on monetary donations to fund the purchase and testing of sex toys as well as accepting product donations from third-party retail stores. For more information, visit their website at

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A bright star formed of fire, passion, frustration, and glitter exploded in March, 2013 and three heroes emerged from the ashes to form X. Valentine Orenda, Crista Anne and blogger Dangerous Lilly. With lab coats and capes they banded together on a crusade to learn the truth about what is in your sex toys.

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