About Us

Crista Anne | Executive Director

Crista Anne is a progressive pleasurist, dildo wielding revolutionary and sex-postive parent with her Partner In Everything, X. Valentine Orenda. Her evangelical zeal for quality dildos was cultivated behind the counter of a sex toy boutique, where she worked as Manager and Buyer. Daily experiences with dildos made of mystery materials turning people away from the joys of sex toys gave her the idea for Dildology nearly a decade before its creation. She believes that pleasure is a fundamental right, that sex toys can be beneficial to any body with a body, and that body safe sex toys should be should be the rule, not the exception.

http://www.cristaanne.com  |  @pinkness  |  crista@dildology.org



XVO | Technical Director

Wearing a different hat, he’s the technologist for a science lab at a public research university; Valentine has been fixing computers for twenty years, writing websites for ten, and maintaining servers for five. Dildology presents the right proportions of the components necessary to draw Val’s interest: here is a whole swath of the sociocommercial world from which a structure is missing… a regulatory body he possess the skill set to build, and which the social environment might readily integrate. And building such a thing would turn idle brainpower into positive change, and maybe even into lives saved. Also, his wife had the initial idea, and he wants very badly for her to be as happy as possible, so he’s doing everything he can to make her dream a reality.

http://www.protospect.com  |  @Protospect  |  xvo@dildology.org